Thoughts of Mindful Moms

Thoughts of Mindful Moms

Thoughts of Mindful Moms

Comfort for a neurotic pregnant wife
"It helps to eases my mind when I am worried about the baby. It works well, and I was able to find the heartbeat right away the doppler has 3 levels I use level one. I use mines once a week and works extremely well, blessing to all you beautiful moms to be out there."

- Sara S. 

Peace of mind
"this is amazing!! i feel like it has been an eternity between my appointments and being able your check on my baby’s heart beat whenever i want is so reassuring. i’ve always recommended it to 2 of my pregnant friends!!"

- Ashley B.

Congratulations on your little blessing! 🤍🤰🏽
"I ordered mine around 16 weeks & have loved being able to check in on little B whenever I want… from home! I feel like the lapse between appointments takes foreeeever especially in those early weeks, so definitely check this out!!!"

- Alaina H.

First-time mom
“As a first time mom, I have been so excited to be able to hear my baby’s heartbeat whenever I like. This Doppler is easy to use and works great! The heartbeat is nice and clear and I have even been able to capture it on video to send to family!”

- Sara B.

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