How to use WonderBee™ Pocket Fetal Doppler

How to use WonderBee™ Pocket Fetal Doppler

How to use WonderBee™ Pocket Fetal Doppler

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! So many happy, joyous, and wonder-filled times ahead for you. 

Below step-by-step instructions will help make your experience as stress-free as possible:

  1. Get into a reclining position, laying down on your backside
  2. Turn on your WonderBee pocket fetal doppler
  3. Determine what listening option you will be using (i.e., speaker or headphones) and adjust the volume accordingly
  4. Expose your stomach; you may need to lift your shirt and lower your pants
  5. Apply ultrasound gel to the lower abdomen region. Please apply a generous but not excessive amount of transmission gel when using the Doppler.
  6. Place the device on top of the gel and slowly start to move it from the lower abdomen upwards (more tips on placement below)
  7. To locate your baby, continue to adjust the position of your device, changing both your angle of approach and covering different areas (more tips on movement below)
  8. When you are finished, clean the device and your tummy by wiping off the gel with a dry cloth

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for using your WonderBee pocket fetal doppler. Just like each pregnancy is a deeply personal experience, so is each use of an at-home doppler. The uniqueness of your journey is part of what makes it special, but unfortunately, it also makes it hard to guarantee what methods may or may not work for you.

However, there are a handful of tips and tricks that many of our customers seem to agree on:

  1. Time of day – Some say that the earlier in the day you use the doppler, the easier finding the heartbeat is. This may be because the morning is when pregnant women are the least bloated.
  2. A need to pee – Having a full bladder may help elevate your uterus and push the fetus further forward and out of the pelvic cavity, making your baby’s heartbeat easier to find.
  3. Weight matters – Extra body tissue may impact sonography. If you are overweight, you may have to be a little extra patient.
  4. Ask for assistance – Especially during your first few uses, the presence of a partner can be calming. Plus, having an extra set of ears to listen to the gentle drum of the heartbeat can be helpful.
  5. Keep it clean – It’s important to wipe down the device to avoid the buildup of gel residue, which may impair the transmission of sound signals.

You may also use the chart below to identify your baby's location.

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